Watch This Space

I actually have a birthday this Thursday. At first, I didn't think we'd have time to celebrate because I still have so much to do, but then the surgeon's office called me.

He's going to be out of town!

Surgery has been rescheduled for April 17. I thought about moving it to May, but then I'd have to redo all my lab work.

In a way, it's good. That gives me two more weeks to finish up the gardens, wash dogs one more time, and clean up Greg's shop.

My only goal now is to stop hurting myself. I fell once last week, tripping over a loose piece of flagstone. Fortunately I just hurt my pride--at least that part is well padded. LOL!

The hardest thing is not to cut myself--which I tend to do regularly. The surgery center told me it could deny my surgery if I come in with any open wounds. I think they're worried about MRSA, which is a common problem in all hospitals.

The only other thing I plan to do until surgery is try to stay away from people, or at least wear a mask if I have to be in a crowd. I don't want anything interfering with surgery and recovery.

This is a short post. Just an update until I can finish all my "little" jobs. Right now I don't have enough brain cells left to form a proper post. 

Despite the rain, I think I can finish both gardens, the front yard landscaping, and organize Greg's shop (again) before I go in.

That garage sale is just going to have to wait.

What's new on your side of the world?

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PS   I'm late posting today because Photoshop stopped working so I couldn't create my graphic for this post. I tried everything I could think of but nothing worked. Time for the Geek Squad. It took him well over an hour, but he finally found the culprit responsible for making Photoshop inoperable. It was real detective work.

I am relieved.