Beryl and Greg's Day

The only big news we've had this week is Hurricane Beryl and a birthday for my best guy, Greg. 

Greg had a birthday Saturday, but we played a game of "who's under the weather today". Both Nana and I weren't feeling well Saturday. I had guests coming and they graciously agreed to put off visiting until Sunday.

Mine was nothing more than exhaustion and allergies, but poor Nana is slowing down. She hasn't been herself in several weeks. Some days are worse than others. She still wants to be part of the pack but she rations her energy for all but the most important tasks. 

The heat has been especially hard on her so we keep her inside except for necessary potty trips.

Sunday, one of our guests dropped out because he was feeling poorly. It must be catchy. 

Another friend, sheepishly admitted to me that while she loves visiting with us, she's not comfortable with people she doesn't know.

I told her that was perfectly fine. I'm actually the same way. Although we've held parties with lots of people, I don't like that kind of social activity. It's just a lot of banal social chit chat, and you have to flit around from person to person so no one feels left out. You really don't get to talk to people and find out how they're doing.

That's why we tend to invite just one couple at a time. That's quality time.

In the end we celebrated with two different people one on one. It was nice. Greg got his once a year Italian cream cake, and I got a clean house. 

Hurricane Beryl, on the other hand was an uninvited guest. She hit this morning. 

We're further north so all we're getting is rain. Corpus Christi and Houston will get the brunt of it. It's been downgraded to a Category 1. As long as no one is stupid and drives through a flooded area, everyone should do all right. 

I'm grateful for the rain. Unfortunately, our water bill will be ginormous this month. One of our water lines feeding the back garden busted. There's no telling how long that water ran. At least a day. 

All this after a week of finding out the water timer had lost its programming and had not been on. This garden is on the other side of Greg's shop. I don't normally go there, thinking everything is on automatic, but I learned the hard way I can't trust it. 

The blueberries suffered the most and I might've lost a lot of the strawberries. We'll see.

I've gotten most of the landscaping trimmed and weeded. It's back to weeding the gardens--once it dries out.

How's it going by you?


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Luba said…
🙋‍♀️☕ Good morning, guys... Happy [belated] birthday Greg. Italian Cream Cake that sounds absolutely scrumptious. It looks really good, btw. 😋

Azomite you say. I'm going to have to try it for my tomatoes. Has it stopped raining now, Maria? Speaking of the weather, I really don't mind the heat at all. It's probably because we have such horrible winters at times.

How old is Nana? Hugs Xx🤗
Maria Zannini said…
Luba: I generally don't use any amendments in my garden other than a fresh layer of compost every year, but this time I tried azomite and I got the biggest tomatoes ever.

Weather: We hardly got any rain at all. The radar showed Beryl getting closer and closer and at the very last minute it started to veer east of us.

It's hot 9 months out of 12 here. We treasure cooler weather. :D
Maria Zannini said…
Luba: Nana is 11. She's had a very hard life.
Luba said…
I'm out and about today and I will pick up some Azomite. Thank you for the recommendation. Hugs Xx🤗
Lynn said…
So glad you guys didn't take a direct hit -- I was watching the storm track as it passed by you. I also checked to see if you had power outage on one of those maps. Yes, I worry too much.

Greg looks very happy with that cake. I would be, too. Happy birthday! :)
Maria Zannini said…
Lynn: It was so weird. It was getting closer and closer and at the last possible moment started to veer away.

Greg allows himself to cheat on his birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The cake is only once a year though. Fortunately, I gave most of it away, so there was only enough for two small pieces afterward.
Mike Keyton said…
That cake looked fantastic and Greg looked a very happy man. i probably put on a few inches just looking at it. Mind you, if I'd have been Greg, I'd have fought for every last piece of it.

I did track the storm but when I read it was only Grade I at Houston, I thought you'd probably be ok being a little further North (if my geography's right)

Hope you're feeling better, and I'm sorry about Nana. What you write about her applies to me too :)
Maria Zannini said…
Mike: I had thought we escaped the wrath of the storm, but it turns out it did take out a big tree.

Thank goodness cakes like that are only once a year. It's good, but too rich for me.